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“My passion for art and animals has gone hand-in-hand since I was a little boy.”

From the beginning, I was sculpting random shapes out of clay, drawing in hundreds of books, asking for crayons and colored pencils instead of toys for my birthday, bringing stray animals home and raising chickens in my parents small backyard; which taught me compassion for animals.

Even though my parents wanted me to be an accountant, I found my real passion and vocation when I was introduced to the special FX industry. It's an industry that I have worked in for over 10 years, meeting, learning and working with the most talented people in the business. While looking for references for a sculpture of dog organs, I was given an anatomy book, which showed an actual dog being dissected. As much as I love gore and horror FX, it was awful to see. It made me realize the need for manikins, in order to replace and reduce the use of real animals. These animals are beings, they feel pain, and we dare to call them our best friends.

I knew it was time to make a difference for them , so Paws 2 Claws was born. I realize I might never see my name on the credits of a box office hit, but I feel I am making a difference in the lives of many animals, by helping future veterinarians, and those who care so much for their pets, to be able to learn, without sacrificing animals lives.

Alex Solorzano

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